Serve Thursday 1.21.24

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Serve News…

Are you interested in discovering new ways to participate in what God is doing to serve people around the globe? Consider joining Caring for Congo, an initiative with our global partners in Congo happening right here at the church! This group of individuals prepare items for the handicapped, widows and orphans in Congo. Partner recipients are: Tandala Hospital, Elykia Training Center, Promise Home and Global Fingerprints.

During meetings, Caring for Congo will trace, cut, sew and assemble girls personal hygiene/health kits; measure and cut fabric kits; create tear & roll bandages; sew baby layettes, dresses, & shorts; and more!

Caring for Congo meets the 2nd Monday of every month from 9:30–2:30 pm in Room C3/4. No sewing experience is needed. Come and go as your schedule allows. A brown bag lunch over the noon hour is provided.

If you’d like to join the email list to get up to date info about what is happening with Caring for Congo and how to participate, fill out the form here!

Something to Think About…

A total of 2,718 international students enrolled at Iowa State in Fall 2023, comprising 9% of the total enrollment.

Three Sentences of Serve…

“Great occasions for serving God come seldom, but little ones surround us daily.”

~ Saint Francis de Sales “The Saint Francis de Sales Collection [16 Books]”, p.295, Catholic Way Publishing

Bypassing the available.

While searching out the invisible.

Keeps me at a standstill.

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