Serve Thursday 2.08.24

Abbey Stanton   -  

Serve News…

Have you heard about our upcoming Mission Partner Advocacy Gathering? This is a bi-monthly meeting that will meet with the goal of strengthening advocacy efforts for our global partners. We want to be good senders and supporters for our partners who serve near and far!

If you have an interest in missions, this is also a good way to get an inside look at life in ministry and begin serving front-line missionaries through prayer, communication and practical helps.

The first meeting will be on February 18th from 4:30-5:30 pm in C3-4. Come and learn what it looks like to be a mission partner advocate and pray! If you want more information about upcoming dates, follow the link here!

Something to Think About…

According to data from the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps County Health Rankings, in 2022, 19.7% of the population was living with severe housing problems in Story County, IA. From 2014 to 2022, the indicator grew 1.95%.

Three Sentences of Serve…

“There are those who seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge; that is Curiosity. There are those who seek knowledge to be known by others; that is Vanity. There are those who seek knowledge in order to serve; that is Love.” ― Bernard of Clairvaux

Mind and hand.

Head and heart.

Learn and serve.

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