We are thrilled you are here! There are many opportunities for you to connect with others, from all nations, in this church and community! Below you’ll find opportunities to meet new people and develop your English skills this fall. We hope you feel welcome at Christ Community and that we will be an encouragement to you!

Chinese Sunday Morning Connect Group

The meetings are in Mandarin. Get to know other Chinese international students and scholars. Enjoy discussing the Bible with others in a warm, friendly environment.

When does the group meet?

Friday, 7pm in Room C2; and Sunday, 10:45am in Room C1

Contact: Wei Zhu (

Our Witness book by Chinese Connect Group leader Wei Zhu

The purpose of this book is to witness the marvelous work God has done on us. He opened our eyes, renewed our lives. He lets us become a fellowship family connected with the City of Ames so that we grow together in Him. Although our understanding in our knowledge of Christ Jesus is very limited, each of us is walking at different places, although the book still contains many mistakes, it does not change our common desire, which is to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray that God will use our testimonies to let more people know Him and be saved. This bilingual book is completely English/Chinese.

Here’s How to Download

For iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iMac, simply go to iBooks/Books/Store, search OUR WITNESS (or 心灵家园十周年见证集 in Chinese), looking for the book cover shown, download it and read it in iBooks app.

To find on Amazon and read on your Kindle or Android device follow this link here.

English Classes

Mondays & Thursdays at 10:00-11:15 AM

Classes meet at Christ Community Church. These free English classes will help you develop your conversational English and connect with other internationals.

Drop in on campus on most Friday afternoons for a fun, relaxed atmosphere where you can converse with people informally and continue to develop your English skills. American Iowa State students and community members join you to help make your transition to Ames easier.

Friday International Student Hospitality (FISH)

One Friday a month at 6:00 PM

At the *Memorial Lutheran Church. Attend and meet international students from all over the world! Another opportunity to meet friends, practice the language and enjoy a variety of foods! The first Friday of every month a different country hosts and prepares a meal from their home land.  Cost is $3 per person or $7 per family.

*Memorial Lutheran Church is located across from the Memorial Union on the corner of Lincoln Way and Lynn Ave.


Four couples at Christ Community Church partner with us to connect with people from around the world. They are able to help you find the groups and activities that interest you, allow you to meet new people, connect with other internationals, and practice your English.

G.P. and Nancy Foote

Al and Elaine Cox

Ryan and Laura Jensen

Gary and Marilyn Reedy