Return to Church Sunday

Service Times

For July and August, we have adjusted our service times and capacities to care for everyone coming to in-person worship. We want to make sure you feel comfortable and safe as we begin gathering together again.

Morning Catalyst

Worship with a live band as we sing modern songs.
Sunday 9:00am

Classic Service

Enjoy traditional hymns and worship in our Classic environment.
Sunday 11:00am

Evening Catalyst

If we reach capacity for 9am, we may offer a second Catalyst service with modern worship music.

Return to Church FAQs

Please read all of the details below before returning to church on Sunday.

How many services will we be offering?

Beginning June 14, we will offer two on-campus worship gatherings: 9am Catalyst and 11am Classic—we will open an evening Catalyst service if more space is needed. Our worship teams are excited to once again lead you in person and Pastor David will be teaching live at each. Please note that at this time, our campus is still closed to all other weekly programming and no separate children’s or other adult programming will be offered on Sundays.

What do we do with our kids?

We realize our current plans create some challenging choices for parents. We are praying and planning for the day when we can resume full children’s programming. Until then, whether you gather at home, with another family, or bring your children into our gathering space, we’re you’re biggest fans. If you do attend as a family on-campus, letting them sit in a chair next to you or on the floor in front of you with coloring books or a tablet with headphones on is absolutely fine. To connect with Children’s Ministry, check out unique opportunities and resources on their homepage on the website.

Children’s Ministry Page

How will the venues be set up?

To respect social distancing guidelines, we will only be filling our worship venues to roughly 40% capacity. That allows space for about 150 at Catalyst and 75 at Classic. Worship teams and Pastor David will be set further back on the platform and the first few rows of seating will be removed in each venue, as well as every other row throughout. When arriving please try to fill the front of the venue first. When looking for seats, please maintain a three seat buffer in your row between your group and those already there. No worries, staff and greeters will be ready to help you find a great spot.

Are there any special ways to get in and out of the building?

Yes, we’d like you to register for a parking lot and entrance, but not specific seats. On the image below, you’ll see we’ve organized this as Catalyst West, Catalyst East, and Classic. At your specified entrance(s) (the dots) we’ll have staff, volunteers, and helpful signage to greet and give directions.

Are masks required?

After further consideration and input, the Missional Leadership Board and staff are modifying our masking protocol for on-campus programming from “highly recommend” to “require.” Please bring a mask whenever you come to the church building and expect to wear a mask whenever indoors on campus. If you don’t have a mask, we’ve got you covered. Let’s continue to care for one another as we navigate COVID19.

What about bathrooms? Food or drink? Anything else that would be good to know?

Bathrooms are open and will have clear expectations for capacity and use posted nearby. Please, no food or drink at this time. Lastly, while we all want to be back together, we are asking you to leave the venue space and exit the building at the close of service. Weather-permitting, outside will be a great place to connect while still maintaining social distancing.

Ready to return?

Please follow the link below and let us know when you’re coming. To give our operations team time to prepare, registration opens Mondays at 8am and closes Fridays at 9pm. We’re so excited to see you and spend some time before the Lord together in person.

Register Here

If you are excited to return to church, follow the link below to register.

Do you have additional questions?

We understand that regathering for in-person worship brings up a lot of questions. If there is something we didn't cover that you would like more information about, please send us a note.

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