Storm Strong Families – Study #4

David Staff   -  

Storm Strong Families Love Well (part 2)
Ephesians 5-6  Husbands, love your wives. Wives, submit to your own husbands. Children, obey your parents.
Today’s teaching offered 7 “growing in love” family basics, beginning with a nurturing of a love for God, and then a growing in love for one another.
Let’s get STARTED – Discuss

When you think about families-found-in-Scripture that struggled when it came to loving one another, which ones come to mind? With the one that comes to mind, what were the specifics of the struggle?

As you see it, what are the biggest hurdles any family faces that wants to grow in its understanding of God’s love and also in its expressing love toward God?

Let’s EXPLORE in the WORD –  
This week’s teaching asked families to decide on this question: What kind of family are we going to be? Here are the 7 basics of a “growing in love” family. Discuss what you learned from this week’s teaching about each one.

Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION
Simple step: Which of these “basics” apply most readily in your H<>W relationship, in your home life, or simply with you personally? What are you “taking away” from this as something which might be a focus for you in the upcoming days of your walk with Jesus?
PRAY TOGETHER – for your family, for a family you know (perhaps you’re related to), for a young couple that is considering becoming a family.  Pray one of the “basics” to become a reality in the situation that is present with you.