Ears to Hear, Eyes to See

David Staff   -  

What’s the Spirit offering your senses?

I took a motorcycle ride the other night up and back to Stratford, Iowa. High time I visited one of our older couples who have been through a rough stretch.

When I’m on my Tourer 1300 Cruiser on a lonely Iowa road, my tendency is to race through the gears and get moving. One of my friends shared with me years ago that when he gets on his bike, “I like to go FAST!”

Me too. Too fast, too often. Especially when there seems to be nothin’ but a long, flat stretch of paved rural Iowa road.

But out there, on a beautiful Iowa evening, there is so much more to see, and hear. With the recent rains, the crops in the “fields of opportunity” are thriving and so very beautiful. Iowa farmers can make a field of black dirt shine with vibrant green. A feast for the eyes.

But there’s more. Stop on the bike near trees and a creek that runs under the road, and you can hear beauty in the air. Birds know how to sing their praise to God without much hesitation. I can’t see things well unless I slow down.


Any chance you’re racing by what the Spirit wants your senses to take in these wonderful summer days? When I slow down, here’s the table the Spirit is setting for me.

First – the beautiful wonder of HIS WORD. I am reading the Gospel of Mark this summer. Over many weeks, and I’m barely done with chapter 4. This is SO MUCH to see and think about in our Savior’s life of servanthood. And if you don’t mind, I’ll bring this to our Gather Worship this Fall, beginning in October. In the Scriptures – like the passages I’m pondering – is so much to see and hear. I can’t seem to get the Spirit to stop talking, and why should He? That’s what He lives inside me to do.

Second – the important concerns of HIS PEOPLE. Recently, some of our staff team sat and listened to a number of our brothers/sisters of color who are in the Christ Community Church family. They have been hurting over the recent racially events in our country. And here’s my point. No matter where you are on any political spectrum regarding these events, you have “family” at Christ Community that would be blessed if you lent them your “in Christ, like Christ” listening ear. To hear how these events have reawakened their own experiences of discrimination, to listen to them (as you might want to be listened to), to love them, and to pray with them.

This family we have – the Christ Community Church family – seeks to connect ALL people to life-defining relationships in Christ. We do that best when our ears and eyes are willing to hear and see what the Spirit puts before us. His Word. His people.

Why not slow down. Open the Scriptures. And, invite someone who may look different from you to share their heart. It’s why the Lord gave us ears, and eyes.