Summer Listening to an Apostolic Coach

David Staff   -  

A couple of days ago, my grandson Dylan and I headed over to his new school, a beautiful new elementary and middle school facility just west of Austin, Texas. Around the complex of buildings is a remarkable MS football field (yep, artificial turf) and surrounding running track, accompanied by 4 tennis courts and 4 basketball courts just across the parking lot. Quite nice.

We went to play some round-ball together.

His challenge? If Dylan can beat his “Papa” in 3 of five H-O-R-S-E contests, the $20.00 bill in my hip pocket is his. For now, it’s secure in my wallet.

As we played, I noticed something about his shot, a kinda two-hand knuckleball heave that has a lower chance to be “good” just by the physics of it. So, in the middle of a game, we stopped, and Dylan drank in some “get your right hand behind the ball and give it some gentle backspin when you release it” coaching.

I don’t get down to Austin too often. But I’ve played the game, coached the game, and (if I may say so), I could truly help him shoot better and score more.

Whether or not he’ll remember and use the summer-Papa-coaching to sharpen his shot taking remains to be seen.


You and I have a great opportunity to get some great coaching this summer. Frankly, some of the best.

Christ Community Church’s Summer GATHER teaching features the letters Paul the Apostle wrote to the early churches around the Mediterranean.

To date, we’ve already read and considered Galatians. Paul’s coaching? Born of the Spirit through an unchangeable gospel of grace, we grow by dependently walking in the Spirit (and not by the Law) living out the grace of the gospel. Paul’s coaching not only for our ears, but to shape a grace-and-Spirit dependent daily lifestyle. 



This week, we consider Ephesians. With the believers in the city of Ephesus, Paul urges that we today understand that our spiritual WEALTH in Christ (Chapters 1-3) can empower our daily WALK in Christ (chapters 4-6). We have everything in Christ we need (1-3), which means we can express Christ in everything (4-6). Paul’s coaching? Determine to put off the old life. Renew our minds. Put on the new life (Ephesians 4:20-22). Real change and powerful spiritual living is possible, but not automatic. We must with the Spirit cooperate.


As mentioned in Week #1’s teaching (June 7), Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli is spot on when he insists,

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.”

Please. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Give “the ball” a better chance to “go in” by improving the shots you take in walking with Christ.

Why don’t we do this together? Yes, we can!