What You and I Can Do about Racism

David Staff   -  

Prompted by a sensitive brother-in-Christ, I made my way down to the Ames Police Station on Tuesday afternoon. Just before 5:00 PM, several hundred of us from all walks of life joined several police officers in taking a nine-minute knee.

Silence. Followed by 21 minutes of various, thoughtful speeches by those who were hurting, urging us not to be complacent.

One of the more difficult challenges is to know what to say about such a long-suffering issue as societally tolerated racial injustices. It’s easy to say the wrong thing, the insufficient thing, or even to say too much. There are not just two sides; there are many sides to this complex problem.

In my pondering, the Spirit of God brought a clear word. It’s a word I invite you to hear, straight from the Scriptures delivered by a remarkably humble spokesman—Dr. Frank Glover

Open your Bible to James chapter 2. Lean in when you hear

  • that discrimination is a sin, a deeply rooted spiritual problem that the church is called to address
  • that Christians too often judge others whom God has especially chosen but appear poor
  • that Christians too often place value based on how good some people look
  • that we can extinguish the flames of racism in America…by loving your neighbor.

Who is my neighbor? The question has been asked before. Jesus gave the answer: Anyone you come in contact with.

As you will hear Dr. Glover say, “We can’t wait on the world to fix the problem of racism.” If anyone should take the lead, in love, it’s you and me.

Invest 17 minutes to listen with an open heart. Please do.

Dr. Frank Glover on rage and racism.

Who knows? In Christ together, we just might be able to change the world, from the inside out.