Letters Study #12

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2 TIMOTHY: Unashamed in Difficult Days

As Paul eyed the end of his life, he sought to encourage his “beloved child,” Timothy to be courageously unashamed of the gospel, despite living in increasingly challenging times.  Today, our difficulties may be different from those facing Paul, or even Timothy, but some are the same.   This study explores the finishing questions from this week’s teaching, with our Bibles open to 2 Timothy.


Share with each other when you shared “the gospel” recently?  How long has it been?  Perhaps you didn’t have the chance to share all of the gospel, but you invited someone a step closer to the Lord.

  • If the opportunity happened recently, how did the Spirit of God bring it about?
  • If it’s been a while, what do you think is keeping you from encountering opportunities to speak of Christ Jesus and the good news about Him?

STOP…and before proceeding, spend some time in group prayer asking the Lord for fresh opportunities in the days to come.


Let’s Explore in the WORD

Here are the four questions this week’s teaching asked us to ask ourselves.  Have group members share their personal answers to the questions…then explore the passages:

  • Am I ashamed of the gospel?…or am I appropriately bold about sharing the truth of Jesus?
    • Have you recently found yourself in a situation where you felt embarrassed to be identified as a Christian, or with the gospel?
    • How does 2 Timothy 1:6-10 speak to this?
  • Am I often mired in conversations full of controversy…or do I prioritize talking about the truth of Jesus?
    • What are the controversial discussions we can easily get mired in today?
    • Does 2 Timothy 2:14-19 help?
  • Am I unduly influenced by the strong, godless currents of my culture…or do I regularly focus on the truth of the Scriptures and on Jesus?
    • How accurate is Paul’s description in 2 Timothy 3:1-5?
    • What encouraged habit in 2 Timothy 3:14-17?
  • Is my energy and fervor for ministry to others fading, flagging…or am I living my life in the light of God’s kingdom and Jesus’ appearing and the One who will judge the living and the dead?
    • What are the realities we are to remember as we live (2 Tim 4:1)?
    • What instructions in 2 Timothy 4:5?

Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION

This study has already been quite applicational.  What has the Spirit of God said to you already?

This summer, Paul’s letters have coached Christians in a number of important ways.  Review these –


ROMANS – The righteousness we have by faith must express itself in righteous living

1 CORINTHIANS – Repentant changes are required for a good church to be a great church

2 CORINTHIANS – God’s power is best displayed through humble “jars of clay”

GALATIANS – We began by the Spirit in the Gospel into freedom; we grow from the Gospel by the Spirit in freedom

EPHESIANS – Loved and blessed, we live a new life of loving and blessing

PHILIPPIANS – Humility with one another heals a dividing church

COLOSSIANS – There’s only One in the spotlight of all things – our Lord Jesus Christ

1&2 THESSALONIANS – Established in Christ, we excel in Christ

TITUS – Save to be zealously impactful through good works

1 TIMOTHY – Godliness is grounded in sound teaching of Biblical doctrine

2 TIMOTHY – unashamed to influence my generation with God’s truth/gospel

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