Readiness: In and out of season at Christ Community Church

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“Preach the word!” Paul, from prison, urges Timothy.  “Be ready in season, out of season” (2 Timothy 4:2)

The Living Bible puts it this way: preach the Word of God urgently at all times, whenever you get the chance, in season and out, when it is convenient and when it is not.

Conditions can quickly fluctuate. One season is relatively sickness free; in another a pandemic. One a stretch of economic prosperity; another a spell of uncertain volatility. One week’s weather brilliant sunshine; the next brings a devastating derecho.

One year ago, we didn’t think twice about gathering, playing, shopping, going out to dinner, meeting in another’s homes, heading to the stadium.  Today, we mask, pump the disinfectant, social distance.

And yet the Spirit of God calls us to be ready, despite the “season,” for effective ministry.


At Christ Community Church, it’s been a summer of readiness adaptation to conditions. Prayerful, creative engagements—convenient or not—to “preach the word.”

Here, today, I applaud both our Christ Community Church staff and you for all that has been done to stay connected in out-of-season time.  Eyes on the mission to “connect people in life-defining relationships.”  All serving the Lord Jesus well in readiness this summer.

Examples are everywhere.

  • Our Children’s Ministry at the ready with online, in-home resources to nurture continued spiritual growth in families with kids. Great plans are at hand for Sunday AM families return to our campus on Sunday mornings for a “Family Ministry” (FM) worship hour.
  • Student Ministry at-the-ready hosting an in-house, Summer 2020 “Challenge” experience for our students. Wednesday Night Live was quickly established online, then adding on on-campus option in July.  Behind the scenes, constant contact with our teens.  Just last night, equipping our parents to effectively interact with their teens on Biblical Sexuality issues (forum with Jill Thomas)
  • Adults in Connect groups have been meeting “online” all summer. Fresh training for Connect Group leaders and launching new groups is at hand. Men’s Connect and Women’s Connect, active this summer, are prepared for the Fall.
  • Gather Worship online through the Spring and early Summer months, then on campus this July. Worship team leaders, musicians, tech and operations safely reestablished on campus summer worship services. Fall 2020 “Re-Connecting” plans coming in the wisdom of the Spirit.
  • Opportunities to Serve and Care for Internationals being set in place by Kip Hamby (Outreach/Missions) with our Missions Team have prayerfully planned to set before us international care ministry opportunities.
  • Fall Upward Football and Cheer ministry is in full swing due to the dedication of staff and volunteers. Despite the pandemic impact, numbers of teams, coaches, and players are nearly the same as last year. Remarkable!
  • Mark Henderson (Executive pastor) with Wayne Stewart (Support Ministry pastor,) navigating our staff and ministry through a variety of COVID-related policy and planning challenges. Simply outstanding ministry work.

We all are so grateful for your prayerful support this summer.  There IS a great ministry year ahead.

Do you have a story of how God has been ministering to you during this season?

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You’re Invited—RECONNECT This Fall

By God’s grace, safely and wisely we call Christ Community Church to reconnect in life-defining ministry activity this Fall, beginning Sunday September 13.

“In season, out of season,” facing the unforeseen and unprecedented, Jesus’ servants can adapt and step forward in life-defining, relationally connecting ministry.  Stay connected to our website, to our Facebook page, to communications via email.

There’s a world of people out there who need to hear the life-changing good news of Jesus, and experience His love.  Why not through us?  Why not now?