Choose Greatness Study #2

David Staff   -  

FISHING: Jesus’ call to Servants

Mark 1:14-20

Fresh from an extraordinary set of events in his life (his baptism, his days of temptation and danger), Jesus returns to the northern shoreline of the Sea of Galilee.  Walking among the commercial fishermen busy with boats and gear, he calls first Andrew and Peter, and then James and John.  “Leave your nets.  Follow me.”  Responding meant  a life-changing journey, to become fishers of men.

This week’s teaching set forth a simple, Biblical “choose greatness” principle.

Jesus’ servants, in following him, fish for men.  The more they fish, the more they are following.



  • What does it take to catch fish?
  • What does it take to catch people (men, women, girls and boys) for the kingdom of God?
  • What makes spiritual fishing challenging?


Most fish do not willingly (i.e., as a matter of choice) swim into fishing nets, nor do they readily jump into a fishing boat.  Someone must decide to fish, know how to fish, know where the fish are, and put forth the effort to catch fish.  Sometimes a fisherman is successful; other times not so much.  Coming to serve people in giving his life as a ransom, Jesus intentionally came as a fisherman of the hearts and souls of people.  Through Scriptural testimony and example, He bids us join him.

Still, within American culture and society, it is increasingly difficult (if not considered rude) to share the gospel.  Relativism – especially about spiritual beliefs and practices – insists that no particular set of beliefs is ultimately true or false for all, right or wrong for everyone.  “Believing” or “having faith” is fine…just don’t insist on having to believe anything specific.

So what can we learn about fishing from the Savior?   Let’s look again at some of his “fishing” for men.  What can we learn from Jesus’ actions in the following passages that answers the question in bold?

Fishing for men involves…

  • Mark 1:21-26
  • Mark 1:35-39
  • Mark 2:15-17
  • Mark 3:1-5
  • Mark 5:1-20
  • Mark 6:7-13
  • Mark 6:30-44
  • Mark 9:14-28   


OK…take a few moments to assess your discoveries.

  1. Overall, what do you think the original disciples learned from Jesus about fishing for people? State an overall lesson
    1. “I think they learned…”
  2. What personal changes had to happen for them to “become” fishers “of men”?
    1. “One change was that…”
  3. I still have this question about fishing for people…

“For the good news to change any generation of spiritually dying people, it requires servants willing to fish with the Master. Becoming a fisher for people demands openness to personal growth, personal change.”   Pastor David Staff, Choose Greatness-Serve! Devotional Reader, p.19

Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead, empower, and show you some great “fishing opportunities” in the coming days. 😊