Choose Greatness Study #4

David Staff   -  

Fearless Faith: The Trust of Servants

Mark 4:35-5:43

Sometimes, when we least expect it, life can spin out of control.  Even the things you thought you could manage suddenly become more difficult, even overwhelming.  Where is our protecting, caring God in these unwieldy seasons?  Is He aware?  Does He still have His hands on the controls?  If so, why does it feel so not-that-way?

In the section of Mark’s Gospel looked at this week, we find the Master thrusting his disciples into two situations which appear chaotic – rowing through a chaotic storm, encountering a chaotic life.  What Jesus did in these two situations amazed his followers, becoming important moments when He proved worth of their fearless faith again…and again.  This week’s teaching truth —


  • Is there anything in your life these days…or in the days to come…that is churning up fear within?
  • How has the Lord Jesus proven his trustworthiness to you in the past?


Share what you took from this week’s teaching from Mark 4:35-5:43

> what personal truth did the Holy Spirit impress on you from the storm on the sea?

> what additional truth did you take away from Jesus’ encounter with the man in the tombs?

Take some moments with what the Scripture teaches about trusting the Lord with everything?


Job 31:24-28           What did Job understand he could NOT trust in? (cf. Psalm 52:6-8)

Psalm 9:9-12           What challenges to trusting the Lord do you see here?

Psalm 28                  What’s the struggle in trusting David expresses in this song?

Psalm 56                  What does David need to remind himself, as expressed in this song?

Daniel 6:11-24        What was Daniel’s experience in trusting his God?


Matthew 6:25-33                      How does this familiar passage speak to YOU today?

2 Corinthians 1:8-11                What was Paul’s experience…and take away?

Philippians 4:6-13                    Paul offers his example of trust to these believers?  What is it?

Hebrews 13:1-6, 14-16           How do “serving others” and “trusting the Lord” relate to each other?

How does believing and living these Scriptures help me in our serving the Lord?






PERSONAL TO US – OK…take a few moments to assess where you are in your “With whom am I fishing?” (i.e. SERVING TOGETHER) discipleship to get a personal check up:

  • How did you score?
  • Is there a “choosing greatness” serving attitude to evaluate?
  • Is there a “choosing greatness” serving step you might take?

[also find on p. 87 from the CHOOSE GREATNESS-SERVE Devotional Reader]

SERVING is how we “connect people to life-defining relationships in Christ.”  Why not take a serving-step soon. TRUST the Spirit to direct you into a great “serving opportunity” in the coming days. 😊