Challenging Days and Important Steps Together

David Staff   -  

To read the Narnia Chronicles authored by C.S. Lewis—adventures of the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Eve in Aslan’s wonderful land called Narnia – is to encounter regularly a head-lifting call.  Those who reigned well as Kings and Queens in Narnia always “took the adventure that was before them.”  They refused to shrink back.  They always stepped forward.

It’s what you do when you know and follow Aslan (i.e., the Lord Jesus Christ).

2020 has been the most challenging year in recent memory.  Still, the Christ Community Church family and team has weathered the storms of the pandemic, the economic roller coaster, and the volatile elections well.  We fear none of these things.  We are stronger for trusting the Lord in them.  We fear only the Lord, and our confident hope is in Him.  May He return momentarily.


So, what steps shall we take together to honor the Lion of Judah and advance the mission the “fishing for men” Savior has given us?

First Step — Let’s prayerfully vote regarding Pastor Kyle Bartholic’s candidacy for the Lead Pastor role at Christ Community Church.  If affirmed by a 75%+ vote, Kyle will become CCC’s 5th Lead pastor in our 57 year history.  Preceding have been Rev. Milo Lundell (1968-1973), Rev. Jim Parrish (1973-1978), Rev. Dean Johnson (1979-1991), and Dr. David Staff (1993-2021).

If affirmed, Kyle will step into the Lead Pastor role beginning June 2021.  Sunday, November 22 at 4:30 PM is an important time for this church’s membership to step forward and follow the Spirit of God’s leading in voting.  Thank you for taking on this important adventure.

Second Step — Let’s prayerfully move to strengthen the unity of our body during these days even as we await God’s provision of a vaccine for the COVID virus. 

What can we do?  All our Connect Group leaders can step up their efforts to call their group members, touch base, get an update.  And, if possible, meet safely in person or at least using a tool like ZOOM to meet with God, in His Word, and with one another.

Additionally, we can join the new TAB Team.  Contact Allison Greenwald (515-231-7049 or to take the 30 minute training session available via ZOOM — 9 AM on Saturday, Nov. 21, or 11 AM on Sunday, Nov. 22.  “TALK AND BEFRIEND” is an excellent way to serve and strengthen the Body. 

Third Step — Let’s pray for the effectiveness of the Gospel during these upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration days.  Pray for an effective REACH SUNDAY on Sunday, November 29.  Pray for people to come and/or tune in to worship during December as our focus from the Word will be “Wisely Seeking Him.”  Pray for those in family, in your circle of friends, in your neighborhood, that they will meet the Reason for the Season in a life-changing way