Waiting Expectantly

Moriah Cooper   -  

Christmas season is known for its hustle and bustle. Checking gifts off the list, planning family gatherings, making sure to fit in all the activities. But the motion and excitement is leading us towards a day in which we celebrate the “coming-down-to-Earth- as human” of our God. WHAT A WONDERFUL THING TO REJOICE IN! In the Christian calendar, Advent is the season leading up to Christmas and allows us to step back and revel in the waiting. This year more than ever, I feel a need to rejoice in something. To wait and anticipate something that CAN’T be cancelled. Being able sit with your students in this advent season can look really simple.

Maybe you read some scripture together on the Sundays of Advent. Check out the scriptures in this parent guide or this advent reader.

Maybe you keep an advent calendar and reflect each day on the ways you are grateful for what God did that day.

Maybe you spend one evening each week singing Christmas songs together. Check out some advent playlists here, or here.

This parent guide has some further explanation of advent and some ways to help get your teens involved personally and as a family as we say “come thou long expected Jesus” this winter season.

Praying for you and your families.

The Student Ministry Team