2021 HS Summer Trip- Let’s Get Started

Nate Hellum   -  

Welcome to the High School Summer trip page!

We hope to make this a quick and easy, “one-stop-shop” for all you need as you get ready to register your student(s) for our Summer trip. You’ll see below we have attached some links for you. We wanted to make sure this page wasn’t overloaded with detail, however, if you want more detail we wanted to provide that for you. Select the question/statement below to take you to the link that can help answer that corresponding question! We believe CIY will be an incredible, life-changing trip! However, we also want to make sure you have enough info to help you navigate what’s the best option for your student(s) this Summer!

Why did we choose CIY?

What is CIY?

Where/How do I register?

More info.