Thawing and Normalizing—The Opportunity to Connect

David Staff   -  


We’ve made it.  Or we are making it.  Somehow past the double-digit, below-zero snap.  Even with the white blanket out there, we are going to start thawing out.  Spring cannot be too far away.

And by God’s grace, we are making it past the COVID crises.  Shots are being received.  Schools are normalizing. 

The Spirit continues to move.  Some 40 middle-school student heard God’s voice at Hidden Acres during last weekend’s retreat.  Others are responding to the Spirit’s call, stepping forward to be baptized on Easter Sunday.  Our Upward Basketball ministry is finishing strong.  Stewardship has been generous.  New individuals, couples, and families are stepping toward us in worship services.  Our newly refreshed Missional Leadership Board will be prayerfully thinking through the 2021 year ahead. 

And we continue to invite you back on campus for face-to-face Gather worship, Adult Fellowships, and Middle/High School Sunday AM.


In light of recent recommendations of health professionals and leaders in our community and state, we have a few COVID-related ministry adjustments to share with you today.

Continuing is our request that wearing a mask and decreased room capacities still be the norm while in our building.   And, due to room caps and child/adult ratios, we will continue weekly registration for all Sunday AM Children’s programming.

However, given the latest guidelines, we will no longer ask for registration for our Sunday AM Gatherings—Catalyst or Classic—beyond Sunday, February 28th.

All other current COVID protocols and capacities will continue.


The great Biblical truth that changes our lives is the reality that together with Jesus Christ, we have been crucified, buried, and raised to new life.  Our Easter celebration of our Lord’s death and resurrection will focus on this, in the “Jesus and Me” mini-teaching series (March 14–April 4), with Pastors Kyle, Mark, and David teaching successively.  And, on Easter Sunday morning, we will hear of the great life-change the gospel has made in the lives of those coming to be baptized.

Bottom line—there’s every reason to invite a friend to church in the weeks to come.  If invited, most will say “yes.”  So ask…they may just discover the new life that Christ uniquely is eager to give anyone who believes.