Where Your Treasure Is Study #6

David Staff   -  

Example Your Children Well

Deuteronomy 6:6-8, Luke 12, 1 Timothy 6:17-19, Acts 20:35

This week’s teaching challenged parents (and mentors) to embrace the responsibility of discipling their children and teenagers in the lifestyle of eager giving and serving.

GETTING STARTED – start the study…

  • By sharing some of the key things you learned from your parents
  • Did you like Randy Alcorn’s “toothpick” story?
  • What are the principle things your kids have picked up from you?

IDENTIFY – what do you think the key truth or principle was from this week’s teaching (take turns putting it in a sentence)

IN THE SCRIPTURES – the teaching urged that parents “clarify” their charter of stewardship; i.e., to identify the key truths that result in action.

  1. Do you find this chart helpful?
    1. In what ways can any of these ideas urge us to be generous stewards of the treasures God puts in our hands?
    2. What practical benefits are there for using this charter?
  2. How would you describe what “materialism” is? And…
    1. Do you think Christians (in the USA) have a problem with materialism?
    2. Have you (as an individual, or as a couple, or as a family) struggled with materialism?
    3. If so…have you made any mid-course corrections in obedience to Scripture?
  3. Jesus’ story (Luke 12:20-21) ends with God telling the “build bigger barns” businessman that he is a fool, because he gave little thought to “being rich toward God.” In what ways can an individual, or a family, take practical steps to be “rich toward God”?
    1. What steps are you thinking about taking?


Identify something you are gaining from this teaching and study that will deepen your stewardship before God.

Pray for each other in this area, especially about having an impact on the next generation.  What are they seeing in us?