Jesus and Me Study #2

David Staff   -  

Risen with Him to Life

Romans 6

INTRODUCTION:  The two great truths emerging from the final chapters of each gospel account are the same.  Number One – The innocent Lamb of God was sacrificed to fully and finally satisfy the penalty of our sin.  We have died with Christ to the penalty of sin.  Number Two truth follows – The victorious Son of Man was bodily raised to life out of the grave, conquering death in order to live a new life.  We have been raised with Christ over the power of sin.

GETTING STARTED – Share with your group members what having “new life in Christ” has meant to you?   What new things replaced the old?  What new perspectives erased former ones?  What new purpose took the place of former purpose?  Share how your new life in Jesus has shown up in your life?

IN THE WORD Discuss the following questions from these Scripture passages.


READ Romans 6:1-14              These verses are a response to something just said.  What (in Rom 5:18-21)?

                                                                  [Explain the connection between the Romans 5 and Romans 6]

What do you think it means to “be baptized into His death”?

[note: to “baptize” means “to dip, to immerse”]

If we’ve been “set free from sin,” why do we still sin?  In what sense are we

truly set free?

Paul indicates we must do something, thinking wise, about sin.  What is that?

“Under grace,” sin has “no dominion” over us.  How do you understand this?

What are the practical implications of this?


READ 1 Corinthians 15:35-57    What do these verses say to you about Jesus’ new life in our new bodies?

                                                               How do the word pictures Paul uses help us understand what our new bodies

will be like?

Note the CONTRAST:  What did we inherit from Adam?  What shall we inherit

from the Lord Jesus (the “last Adam”)?

Explain to one another “the mystery” Paul speaks of here?  [Notice the repeated

use of the word “must”]

NOW…what are the practical applications of these two passages?

                                    The ROMANS 6 passage?                                The 1ST CORINTHIANS 15 passage?


  • 2020 and even the beginning of 2021 have been tough seasons. Many have struggled with discouragement, isolation, and loss.  How can these passages lift the spirit and give us new life?
  • Those who have new life today, and looking forward to the new life of tomorrow, have a unique opportunity to live with HOPE and JOY. As you pray together, pray for opportunities to live and share the life you have by virtue of our death and resurrection with our Lord Jesus.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will multiply for the whole Christ Community Church family opportunities to offer Jesus’ life to others.