Moments of Resurrection Sunday Grace

David Staff   -  

“Just look at all the things the Holy Spirit is doing around this building right now.”

That comment from one of our great servant leaders, half-whispered to me as we stood together at the back of G1.

He made the observation during the 2nd of our 3 services on Easter.  Prayerfully prepared testimonies were being offered from the baptismal tank. People were leaning in, listening, processing.  Worship was ascending to God from G1, the overflow areas, and G2, as well as with the children in Orbit.  A beautiful orchestra and choir offering up praise in one area, while band-energized praise in another.  Scripture was being read; the Word was being taught.  The gospel rehearsed, reaffirmed, or perhaps heard and understood for the first time.

Those who had been away for many months were reconnecting again in the atriums.  It felt like a “coming home” celebration.  The sense of God’s presence and blessing was palpable.

A favorite moment of mine occurred early, as an entire family (dad, mom, daughter, son) were baptized together.  Grandpa and grandma took it all in from a nearby row.  Especially tender were the tears coming down the wife’s cheeks as she watched her courageous husband (with a broken arm no less!) step forward and simply, powerfully share his commitment to Jesus Christ.

It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Of course, with these few words, I’m not capturing everything the Spirit of God was doing.  At 5501, He was active in thousands of important impressions, quiet words, and interactions. More comprehensively, around in the Ames churches that love Jesus, He was doing countless more things, not to speak of around the world.  Just this week, I learned of a former Matthew 25 house resident who also was baptized in the Twin Cities.  Praise God for the transformation that has happened in Jared’s life!

Will you join me in praying for the Spirit to continue to move powerfully in our midst over the next weeks of Spring?  As nature vividly illustrates, we belong to a God who brings new life to what He’s created and who He has created.  There is fresh resurrection life for each of us to live, being raised with Christ (cf. Romans 6:4-5).  Crucified with Christ, the life we live now is His resurrection-grace life in us (Galatians 2:20).

Starting this Sunday, April 11, we will drink from the well of sound words from Paul to Timothy in our series NEXT: First Things First (2nd Timothy).  “Precious Spirit of God…keep it up!”