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FOCUS with the Gospel

2 Timothy 2:1-26

INTRODUCTION:  This week’s teaching centered in on the importance of disciple-making disciples being focused and clear with the gospel.  The chart below tracks our progress so far in understanding Paul’s last letter to Timothy, his spiritual son.

KEY IDEA – 2 TimothyThe dynamics of disciplemaking 1:1–7Courage with the Gospel 1:8–18Focus with the Gospel 2:1–26
When God entrusts us with the treasure of truth, He calls on us to invest that truth in others (make disciples) in light of the coming Day!1) sharing the Life of Jesus

2) committed prayer

3) treasured relationship

4) affirmed faith

5) encouraged growth

1) public identification with the gospel

2) staying healthy in the gospel

3) refreshing servants of the gospel

1) a focus in the difficulty

2) a focus in controversy

3) a focus in diversions

GETTING STARTED – It’s fair to say that as Jesus’ disciples, we are called to prioritize and focus on what is truly important.  Discuss

  • What do disciples of Jesus’ prioritize that is distinct (or different) from those who do not follow Jesus?…. and then?
  • What difficulties do you face in consistently focusing on these things?

IN THE WORD This week’s teaching brought to light 3 areas of focus when it comes to the gospel.  Let’s explore them again.

First – READ  2 Timothy 2:1-7

Paul asks Timothy to stay strong in grace and entrust the gospel to others who will be faithful (as well) to pass it along.  He then asks Timothy to “share in suffering (for the gospel) as a good soldier.”

  • What do the 3 examples illustrate when it comes to “suffering”?
  • Is there a reward indicated in each of the examples?
  • What does this teach about a reward ahead for disciples? How do we obtain it?

Second – READ  2 Timothy 2:8-19

Paul urges Timothy to be clear about the Person of the Gospel (i.e., Jesus) midst controversies and arguments.

  • Why do you think it is important to remember the 2 things Paul cites about Jesus? (vs. 8)
  • How would you explain the “trustworthy statement” of 2:11-13?
  • What’s the warning to us found in vss. 14-19?

Third – READ  2 Timothy 2:20-26

Paul urges Timothy to focus on being the Lord’s servant useful for that which is honorable?

  • What household vessel examples come to mind in the “honorable vs. dishonorable” illustration?
  • What “youthful passions” do you think Paul has in mind, from which Timothy is to flee? Do you think people “flee” from these today?
  • How are we to interact with those who oppose the teaching we hold dear?


Identify 2-3 important lessons you are taking from thinking about this passage together with your group:

  1. _____________
  2. _____________
  3. _____________

Pray for one another – we are called to be disciple-makers with others.  Pray that God will re-energize all of us as Jesus’ body to this important call.

How are you entrusting the gospel to someone else?

Could you explain the importance of Jesus’ resurrection, and his lineage from David?

Any attitude check needed when it comes to those you know who reject Christ?