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Opportunely Proclaiming the Gospel

2 Timothy 4:1-9 

INTRODUCTION:  This week’s teaching heard Paul become even more intentional and serious with his spiritual son.  A sobering charge to urgent, opportune proclamation of the Word of God in a day (arguably) of diminishing interest.

Here was this week’s teaching idea:

Of all a pastor might do, one essential he/she must do: Maximize every opportunity to bring the Word to bear in people’s lives

GETTING STARTED –  Explore with your group the following experiential questions to get the ball rolling.

  • How effective do you think Christ Community Church is at helping people’s lives change through the understanding and application of God’s Word? Give some examples that come to mind
  • Can you identify a change in your life that has occurred because of how the Word was taught and applied in your living?
  • How could we get better at this as a church ministry?

IN THE WORD –   Let’s head back to the 2nd Timothy letter of Paul to his spiritual son.  Work through the following questions:

  1. We’ve talked often about the principle that “you cannot give away what you do not possess.” Do you see this principle illustrated in the relationship between…?
    1. 2 Timothy 3:14-17 (Timothy learning/applying the Word) → 2 Timothy 4:1-2 (Timothy proclaiming/applying the Word): What is the connection between these two passages?  Why is this important not only for a pastor, but for all of us?
  2. What do you think Paul means by “preach/proclaim the Word”… (* p.s.  Don’t hesitate to use a dictionary to understand the meaning of these words)
    1. “be ready in season, out of season”
    2. “reprove”
    3. “rebuke”
    4. “exhort”
    5. How do these phrases help us understand what we should be ready to hear from those of us who teach us the word of God?
  3. When you read 2 Timothy 4:3, what comes to mind?  Where in modern day life do we see what Paul is describing here actually happening?
  4. Finally, Paul speaks in 4:8 of finishing well and being awarded “the crown of righteousness” (righteousness = right living).  Is it your sense that every Christian will receive this “crown,” or only those Christians who “have loved” the appearing (i.e., return) of the Lord Jesus?   How does 1 John 2:28-3:3 help us understand this?

EVAL, DISCUSS AND APPLY – What did the Spirit of God say to you through this study with your Connect Group?  Share what God’s Spirit is doing in your life these days.  Is your commitment to following Jesus by making disciples growing?  Are you praying for more opportunities to maximize the “proclaiming of the Word”?  Are you looking for those opportunities?