Thrilled to be taking First Steps

David Staff   -  

I’ve a theory that is likely not original with me, but I almost like to think so. It comes from simple experience. Watching my own kids, and now my grand kids.

With each new achievement in mobility, the human personality blossoms in wonderful, even surprising ways. When an infant can finally roll-over. Then up on knees and hands. Then crawl. Then pull oneself up and hand-walk your way along the couch or coffee table. Then the first 1,2,3 steps before a plop down on the behind or forward on the face.

But then, finally! Wobbly yet confident steps. And then!! Lock those doors!

It’s so fun. The world gets larger, more accessible. Experiences and interactions feed the incessantly curious eyes and mind. And with each step along the way, the personality flowers and grows.

We are taking first steps back to Gathering in worship this weekend at Christ Community Church. Our staff has worked diligently to prepare our facilities, and to coach us back with guidelines for safety. Perhaps you feel we still should be crawling. Maybe your willingness to step back to 5501 George Washington Carver feels a bit wobbly. All natural and good.

But we do invite you back, and we are cooperating in love with precautions that should make it safe for everyone. Our Lord willing, we’ll continue to take those steps back until it feels normal again by August, and we can get our stride heading into the Fall Ministry Season.

If’ you’ve not registered yet for Sunday’s 9:00 AM Catalyst, or 11:00 AM Classic, or 7:00 PM Catalyst service, please do TODAY!

Time to start walking together again, and growing well connected to life-defining relationships in Christ.