Serve the Community

Serve the Community

A life defined by Christ demands an outlet, an expression.
Find your place to serve Christ and others.


Butterfly Freedom House

This home works to encourage residents to pursue their faith as they rebuild their lives in Ames and transition back into the community. Each woman must get a job and contribute financially toward her stay at Butterfly Freedom House, while receiving discipleship, mentoring, and applicable programming. The board and a group of incredible volunteers offer continual support to residents throughout their stay in the house.

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Matthew 25 House

Matthew 25 House, Inc. provides a Christian family environment to former male inmates. It establishes a warm and wholesome atmosphere which most of the residents have never experienced. Scripture study, regular worship services, and daily prayers are an important rhythm of the men’s twelve month tenure, helping foster stability and positive values.

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Accura Healthcare of Ames

Accura provides the support and love of a united family. Their Vision should not be limited to a work shift or work hour. It is a philosophy; a belief that Accura can provide a refuge from the stresses and challenges of life. Accura HealthCare is where personal life and work life blend together to bring value and purpose to one’s existence. They frequently need donations other than just the homemade items. They need men and women’s toiletries, small gifts to pass out as Bingo prizes.

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Mainstream Living

Mainstream Living helps adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. This organization runs many group homes where these adults live. They provide housing, medical assistance, build life skills, provide Christmas gifts for adults who have no family supporting them. They have a huge range of programs, so we are helping many people.

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Wings of Refuge

Wings of Refuge helps survivors of sex trafficking by providing them with opportunities, a safe home, healing, and restoration. A Christ-centered organization.

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Access provides services and support to victims of domestic and sexual violence. Their mission is to address the roots and impact of domestic and sexual violence through services that enhance safety, empower survivors, and promote understanding.

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Martha's House of Hope

Here they are committed to providing shelter, life skills and hope to pregnant mothers and their babies; to strive for lives of self-reliance, a sense of service and the realization of their God-given dignity, regardless of their beliefs.

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Obria Medical Clinic

Obria Medical Clinic of Ames offers faith-based life-affirming services including: Pregnancy verification - pregnancy test, ultrasound, and early prenatal care from 6 to 12 weeks Pre-termination evaluations – no-coercion decision.

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Ames Romero House

The Ames Romero House is a community of people who seek to live sustainably, creatively, and in solidarity with those in our Ames community seeking refuge or spiritual sanctuary.

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Overflow Thrift Store

Overflow Thrift Store is a non-profit offering a place to give, shop, and serve. They want to be a place you can donate your possessions to be sold and have the profits given to the orphans, widows & the vulnerable.

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The Bridge Home

At the Bridge Home they work on helping the homeless of Ames. They are bridging the gap between homelessness and housing and help these people to find hope and a home. They also do homelessness prevention, rapid rehousing, supporting those who are homeless, helping families get back on their feet and into secure housing.

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Youth & Shelter Services

They help youth who are homeless or have mental and behavioral issues. They work closely with TBH, ACCESS and the Ames Public Schools. Ames now has a “Homeless Liaison” who helps homeless students.

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Need Crafting for Others

Needle Crafting for others was created to bring people together who have a desire to make handcrafted items for other people in need. Work on individual projects or group projects. Learn new crochet, knit, embroidery or sewing techniques. Our items are distributed to area hospitals, nursing homes, Israel Hospice House, Oncology department, and many of the agencies with whom CCC partners.

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